About us:

Gief Raids [pls] is a guild created by and for experienced and dedicated raiders who used to struggle with mediocre groups or having to pug every week.
The idea of this guild is to bring together like‑minded people who are willing and committed to raiding.

Together, we are a strong community of raiders who consistently clear all raid wings within an evening of raids. We are always striving to enhance our skills and capabilities within raids and as a group together.
From small beginnings, we have grown into a strong community of well‑matched individuals, who strive to improve, try new tactics or fun challenges to keep raiding fresh. We love to work together as a team and have fun while doing so. We want to steer clear of under‑geared and inexperienced players who lack commitment and dedication, and who do not pull their weight.
This is what [pls] is all about, and this is what we expect from our members and applicants.

Guild Rules

The guild is meant to function as a group/team/community of skilled and dedicated raiders, with the goal of having both scheduled and random runs every week. We are a semi‑hardcore guild and we understand that this may seem like a scary term to a lot of you but it shouldn’t be. We would like to define for you what semi‑hardcore means to us and what we expect from our members:

  • Attitude of self‑improvement
  • Being on time for raids, ready to go, foods and all characters in the aerodrome
  • Not just for weekly kills but wanting to achieve more and strive to get better
  • Making sure all your classes are up to date with gear and rotations according to meta changes
  • Practice rotations for constant improvement
  • Making sure you know your mechanics
  • Always giving your best in a raids and not slacking off
  • Always strive to be better than a pug group
  • Be flexible with strategies
  • Members need to want to be there and to give their full time and commitment to the raid

To ensure that the guild doesn’t become a place where people come expecting to be carried through the raid instances, we ask that members fill out an application form. If the application is satisfactory, you will then be accepted into the guild, but will have to go through a trial period before we will change your rank to that of an experienced raider. While considering your application, we will mainly consider the following factors:

  • Experience with raids
  • Communication/attitude/commitment
  • Preparation (build/food/punctuality)
  • General performance

In order to keep this a functioning and pleasant environment, we ask that you respect the following requirements. They are in place to make sure this guild functions as intended. Breaching these requirements will put you at risk of being removed from the guild. We are a semi‑hardcore guild and therefore expect a certain level of standards from our members as outlined below.

1. Respect all players in the guild: We want efficiency and results, but at the end of the day this is still just a game. Be friendly and have fun! Laughing at our mistakes creates a much better environment than raging or awkward silence.

2. General Communication: We use Discord during raids. We ask that you be in Discord during raids, this is mandatory so that we have proper communication within the team. You do not have to speak but it is highly encouraged for better communication. We use Discord for announcing raid teams and other important information as well. We also have two WhatsApp groups. One is for general out of game chatting and theorising, the other - Finance & Accounting - is for important announcements only and no general chatter should take place here. Ask an officer if you wish to be invited to these WhatsApp groups.

3. Ascended gear: We ask that all "ready to raid" characters have at least ascended trinkets and weapons. Some exceptions will be made, for instance if you are currently crafting weapons, using trinkets that are hard to get in ascended quality, or if you are using stat combinations that won’t benefit much from min/maxing. Please be aware that it is highly unlikely we would then bring these classes into a raid instance unless they are fully geared and you have practiced their rotations, and know how to completely play this class. This rule also applies to alt accounts.

4. Builds and Classes: We expect you to have at least three classes that are part of the current meta ready for raiding. This means they follow current meta builds or those of similar effectiveness. These builds have been made and tested to have the most damage output and steady DPS is needed for all encounters. However, just having a build and geared character won’t necessarily make it useful. If you play a class you will be expected to learn and practise the rotations as well as mechanics required of your class within the raid (eg. cannons, reflecting, orb pushing etc), as well as keeping this up to date. Do not be afraid to ask for guidance! We will always encourage you to learn new things so don’t be afraid to take a chance and try a new build or learn a new class, you will be surprised at how much fun it can be.
Please keep Management updated on the classes you can play or are currently training. You can find link to an up to date table of your listed classes in our Discord. This is a live form that we use for rostering.

5. Nourishment: Food and sharpening stones or similar are required. We will provide a list of recommended foods that should be used for each class. Normal version and cheaper versions. We would expect members to use those from either of the those from the recommended list. If you have a different recommendation of food to use, please raise it with the officers for discussion.

6. Research and Practice: All applicants must be familiar with the raid encounters. We encourage practicing, either by joining parties in the LFG, or running with friends or other guilds. We have practice runs most weeks where you can practice a new class, perfect your grasp of the mechanics, try your hand at commanding, or even try fun new builds or tactics. You will also always find someone willing to help within [pls] if you have any questions at all.

7. Preparation and Communication: When you join for a raid, you need to have your gear, food, build, etc. (for all classes you’re playing) ready before we start. Members who want to attend a scheduled raid should gather at least 15 minutes before the start time. Please let your commander know, if you are going to be late! This is about respecting other people's time, so please don't start preparing just when we are scheduled to start. If you are listed as backup for a team or day, we expect you to have time to step in when needed, without having to wait too long for you to come online. Starting your PC and loading the game is fine, having to go home first is not. During the raid, we expect you to communicate with the team. Can't make a green field? Missed a cannon? Backup reflect needed? Let the team know! Please keep unnecessary talking while preparing for and during encounters to a minimum and let the people and commander who are calling out mechanics do their thing.

8. Inactivity: If you are going to be inactive for longer than 2 to 3 weeks, please let an officer know. Depending on the length of your inactivity or critical changes in the meta we will require you to brush up on your gameplay when you come back again. Depending on the length of absence from the game you may need to retrial.

9. Representing the Guild: You do not ever have to represent this guild unless you want to, but we do ask that you have the guild chat channel open in case there is important info or a call for anything raid related. It is your responsibility to check the whatsapp groups and discord announcements channel regularly for any important announcements and weekly raid teams.

10. Know when to step out: If you are dragging your team down because of severe lag or other issues please step out. We expect everyone to pull their own weight and if you can’t do that temporarily, please consider the rest of your team. We have backups ready that can take your spot, and you can always raid later in the week.

11. Age Limit: Applicants are expected to be mature, and thus we have set the age limit to 18. While applicants under 18 will be considered, we are mostly a group of adults in our 20s and 30s, and behave accordingly. Uranus

12. Trials: Each applicant will be put on a 4 week trial period when their application is accepted. During the first 3 weeks we will test 1 class each week till the required classes have been gone through. On 4th week applicant will use their full arsenal to prove their skill and knowledge against raid bosses. In addition, new member’s teamwork and attitude will be evaluated. After successful trial period applicants will become full members of Gief Raids [pls].

We are all here to have fun and get through raids together, with like‑minded committed players. It’s a game. Enjoy it, but play well. There are 9 other people who rely on you to do your part. We like to be able to clear content without having to turn elitist jerk mode on. If this sounds like the guild for you please apply here with this form:



Leader (I Gief Raids) - The chief officer, the creator and the organizer. They focus on the guild needs and ensure that the guild heads in the right direction.

Officer (Guardian) - Helpers of the leader and second in command. These people have signed up to aid with the organization, administration, and management of applications. They’re also there to answer questions and guide members to the best of their abilities.

Commander (Commander) - Experienced raiders who have proven their abilities to command a raid run.

Experienced (Charged Soul) - The members who have proven they know their stuff and who can be counted on in a raid run.

Recruit (Gief Raids Pls) - Newly added members, yet to be seen.

Trial (Slubling) - These are members that are still quite inexperienced at certain encounters and need to come for a trial to see if they can develop their skills and keep up with the rest of the team.

You can also contact the leader or officers in game if you have any further inquiries:

Contact us:

(Dom) Siren.1294

(Jawa) Jawastew.1304
(Matt) Nemui.6753

(Ent) NotOverlyCheesy.9427